Japan Stuttering Genyukai Association (JSGA) was founded in Tokyo at 1968.


The purpose of the organization is to manage, communicate,and contact with local Genyukai groups, which is self-help group for people who stutter (PWS).


The local Genyukai has been managed independently.

JSGA has represented these Genyukai and especially has four roles for society in Japan as follows.

(1) To contact with government, public office, media other organizations, and so on.

(2) To conduct projects for PWS which should be tackled in all Japan and local areas.

(3) To conduct a promotion activity of social support for PWS, in order to improve a public awareness of         

       stuttering and ,to acquire supports.


(4) To promote local activities for PWS, such as establishment of a new local Genyukai.